Entree and dessert trolley

Entree and dessert trolley - mahagony

Art.Nr. 1207.0750

Model series Royal

With a cooling plate (without power cord) and pull-out shelf extension resopal-coated, collecting tray for condensation water, acrylic glass cover can be opened on both sides (1-piece top standard). Pre-cooling of cooling plate -20°C, cooling power at starting temperature 8°C, after 2 hours 12°C, after 6 hours 17°C. 4 castors, 2 with breaks.

standard design:

metal parts brass or brasscoloured, colour mahagony, water resistant varnished, wooden parts with beech veneer.

Properties :

castors Ø 12,5 cm
empty weight 35 kg
metal parts brass
colour: available in different colours

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